Forget Eckhart Tolle or Tony Robins, Ross Everett is new guru for you! Having spent the first half of his twenties studying the self, and the second half studying consciousness, Everett proudly attests to the transformative potential of his new ‘self-consciousness’ seminar, Stop Stopping the Unstoppable. Lampooning the self-important motivational tactics of spiritual gurus and self-help evangelists, Everett takes us through a truly hilarious and surprisingly uplifting hour of transformative grandstanding.

Everett has a lot of energy to give, and while he towers physically above his audience, his entire presence is almost mystically magnetic. It’s impossible to take your eyes from him, but what’s even more impressive is that he makes you feel like he’s never taken his eyes from you. While it’s all part of Everett’s guru persona, there’s also a lot of real warmth here, and so, between belly-laughs, it’s also easy to become completely enraptured.

Everett’s wit is sharp as he parodies various tactics, from meditation to affirmations, using his trusty board and marker to guide us through relationships, manifestation, and harnessing masculine and feminine energies. Everett’s improvisation background and stand-up prowess is evident in his expert handling of an overly-enthusiastic (and perhaps overly-inebriated) audience pest, maintaining his friendly aura while managing a few witty digs. Ultimately, Everett manages to distill the essential core of these motivational seminars, strip them of their bullshit and, through humour, impart messages of self-love. Everett is simply fantastic, a comedy guru with genuine wisdom and heart. You’ll leave uplifted, ecstatic, and ready to love loving the unlovable.