Rowena Hutson, self-proclaimed feminist and scoundrel, declares her love of feminism and action movies and explains how the two coincide within her high energy and honest performance, Strong Female Character.

Opening with an enthusiastic Die Hard tribute – "5 Die Hard Movies in 5 Minutes" – Hutson keeps the energy turned up to ten throughout the entirety of her show, infecting the audience with it as they laugh alongside her during the dancing, sign holding and charmingly geeky costume changes.

Hutson takes the audience on a journey through her childhood as a tomboy, waxing poetic about the heroes of her youth and their deeds, only to tear them down minutes later as she revisits them from her now-matured female perspective. She unapologetically reveals their flaws on large throwaway cards, while dancing along to upbeat music, the audience laughing and groaning as their own childhood heroes are exposed with each card reveal.

The show is not always laughs though, and Hutson’s story takes us to darker places of her youth, inducing an emotional reaction from the crowd that is hanging onto her every word. While her anecdote is dark, she confronts it in a unique and positive tone that proves herself to be every bit as resilient as the heroes she has listed.

Strong Female Character is a thoroughly enjoyable show from start to finish, combining Hutson’s love of feminism and pop culture in a touching and memorable performance which leaves the audience asking for nothing and completely charmed.


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