For both children and adults alike, this shadow puppet performance surprises the audience with its silhouetted storytelling. This show by Bunk Puppets is comic and engaging, as well as being more than a little dazzling with the 3D finale.

Conceptually the show is a success, from the idea of recycled puppets to the mastery of the puppeteer, James Pratt, in keeping everyone interested, which is not always easy when younger audiences are in the room.

It is such a fantastic idea to be so transparent in how the puppetry is set up. The stage allows the puppets to be visible so that you can see how the shapes on the white sheet are made, as opposed to the usual craft of standing behind a screen. For children who have potentially never seen shadow puppetry in action, this is a fun way to bring them into a new world.

Many of the puppets and props themselves are made of simple objects, which could be sourced easily should you like to try making your own puppet show at home. The magic unfurls when the shadows appear right in front of you.

The interactive element of handing out props was a great way to connect with the spectators. The 3D part of the show left everyone gasping in exhilaration as the characters tried to leap from the stage to snatch at you.

This is a brilliantly colourful show well worth the watch, which will leave you with the shadows of thoughts for weeks to come.