If you've ever read The Sugar Frosted Nutsack (a modern Odyssey if there ever was one, and if you haven't then shame on you) then you'll have some idea of the spirit in which this show is performed. There is a chicken who warms up the audience (by ber-kurking at us) and a priestess, of sorts, who summons a rotunda of ridiculous gods for us to meet – each of whom have carved out unlikely slices of the comedic pantheon for themselves.

Highlights included a charming Mind Control Proponent (who encourages you to read his mind), a visit from the "misunderstood" God of Beauty, and an ad-hoc musical interlude that was surprisingly enjoyable. The best part of the show by far, however, was a performance from Unrequited Love; I have not been so powerfully serenaded in my life, and although the joke was that the performer is inherently unloveable, I have to admit that she won a bit of my heart with those vocals. Truly stunning.

The test of this show was when four people turned up, like, way late, and disrupted the energy of the show with their intrusion. In the intimacy of the small audience, I felt we'd built a connection together, which these outsiders were a threat to. But the performers managed to include them into the proceedings so gracefully that I felt, at the end, that we were all family after all.

Indeed, this is what this show does so well – fosters a sense of warmth and community that has you leaving the venue feeling connected, giddy, and delighted.