“It’s got cats on it. Sick!!!” Tessa Waters first interaction with the audience is as hilarious as it is accurate. Her top does have cats on it and it is totally sick.

To explain what exactly this show entails is quite impossible. What I can tell you is that this talented woman will entertain you for an hour using dance, comedy, music and some general zaniness that will make you laugh until you cry.

The physicality of the show will want you to get up off your feet and join in. The way Waters can act out a scene in mime, playing all the characters, is truly an impressive feat. She will command your attention without having to say a word. Don’t worry though, this isn’t a pantomime, there was plenty of witty lines coming off stage.

There is some mild audience participation that was very enjoyable, but this isn’t the show for you if you want to be left in the corner to your own devises. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I went to the show by myself and was a bit scared to start with, but by the end of the night I was jiving along to the dancing on stage.

This is one of those shows you will be telling your friends to go see. They’ll ask you why and you’ll just have to tell them, “Trust me, you’ll love it.” And you will too.