Once again, Fringe and YouTube favourites Axis of Awesome – checking this morning, the live version of "4 Chord Song" from 2009 has 38,147,753 views – brought their special brand of musical hilarity to the Speigeltent. And their reputation certainly preceded them: for the opening Monday night in Adelaide, the queue was reasonably impressive.

So there was a change to the line up as we all now know that Jordan Raskopoulos has lost the beard. These have been replaced by some fantastic earrings and patterned tights. Along with Benny Davis, Lee Naimo, Axis of Awesome have returned with a range of originals for their latest musical spectacular Won't Ever Not Stop Giving Up.

Last year I saw Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas and I have to say, this group has lost none of its magic. Now ten years on, their new material is part whimsy, part stupidity, and all hilarious. With songs about whistling, an octopus, and even an appearance from "Jackie Change", if you have two ears and a sense of humour you are guaranteed to laugh. There's also a great sense of nostalgia, just as you would get in a "regular" concert when they pull out an old classic – in light of how far they've come, it was especially and strangely heart-warming for me when they played Birdplane.

This latest Axis show is kind of like your mum's moreish lasagne, after she watched some Jamie Oliver and added a layer of basil and two different types of cheese to the recipe. It's warm and familiar but has some new elements (I'm talking about the songs people) that keep you sublimely happy but still pleasantly surprised.

And yes, of course they played it, and it was fantastic.