Come and spend half an hour listening to the rants of an unashamed drug dealer/barista, although it’s basically the same thing. Someone who serves coffee, after all, is one who has a prime position for observing the awkwardness of humanity and society at large.

Maria Humphreys plays Poppi, a barista, but not one of those awful pretentious beard wearing hipsters. It’s very important that you know the difference.

Although a show mostly comprised of general observations about the world and the terrible people that inhabit it, there was also some insight into the goings on of her mind, including some very clever “Germanese”. This is a German/Japanese hybrid language that we would all apparently be speaking if it weren’t for the brave soldiers who fought to protect us in World War 2. We started down this path by being angry at hipsters who don’t like serving just plain coffee to the older generations, and how they should be thankful to them, but every now and then some Germanese would filter into the dialogue to everyone's delight/amusement.

This show felt like reading the thoughts of a mad woman constantly annoyed at everyone and everything, who couldn’t focus on one train of thought for more than a couple of minutes before leading onto the next tangent and then the next, covering topics from dating, sex, Greek family dynamics, and home renovations.

A few of her jokes didn’t quite land, especially as quite a lot of it relied on cringe humour about drugs, sex and womanhood, but nonetheless she was an excellent performer who bounced flawlessly around the stage and rolled with some gentle heckling from the audience.