There’s something about monologues performed by North Americans that really appeals to me. They have that absolute confidence and charisma that draws you right in and keeps you engaged, seemingly forever. Martin Dockery is no exception.

In a stroke of inspiration, Dockery decides he’s going to do a show about cycling, on acid, to the Swiss home of Albert Hofmann, the man who first synthesised and tested LSD. And the show will be called The Bike Trip (get it?). So away he goes, with only two weeks between his flight home and the first booked performance.

This autobiographical story flips to and fro without losing steam or losing its way. Dockery weaves in the trip itself with stories of friendship, travelling, growing up, and the discovery and impact of LSD.

The basic story isn’t so out of the ordinary, I suppose – anyone could bugger off to Basel on a bike chasing the legacy of LSD. But Dockery pulls different ideas and moments into the narrative, making it much more than a story about the science, or of gallivanting about Switzerland on a drug-addled adventure ride.

He is certainly a skilled writer and, looking at his list of works, a prolific one at that. He is also presenting Moonlight after Midnight at Tuxedo Cat this Fringe.

Dockery’s intense delivery is fluid and frenetic. He uses modulation and energetic movement to fill to the brim the small space at Tuxedo Cat. He is larger than life.

All up, the piece is interesting, but not as mind-blowing as the trip would surely have been for Dockery himself. But it is without doubt an entertaining ride.