Miranda Kane's one woman comedy act entitled The Coin-Operated Girl is an intimate, personal and very low-key show housed in The Bally at Gluttony. While Kane presented herself in a way that made the audience feel like they dropped in uninvited, the casual nature of the performance grew increasingly comfortable over time.

The basic premise is as follows. Kane recalls the highlights and hilarious encounters accrued over her seven years of sex industry experience, made unique by the fact that during this time she weighed 150 kilograms. Which, as it turns out, worked in her favour, as 'squashing' is apparently a very lucrative business. (If you don't know what this is, Google it, or better yet, see her show.)

Kane plays to her strengths, as she has no filter and obviously enjoys regaling the audience with tales of her encounters. She digs into the nitty-gritty of sex work, which is often glazed over by the likes of The Secret Diary of A Call Girl, and other autobiographical books and shows, which present a very different, dare I say idealised, face of this multi-million dollar industry.

Beyond the laughs I particularly appreciated hearing a professional's view of what is possibly the most misunderstood and misrepresented industry. She makes interesting points about the politics of sex work. Like how in recent years there has been a lot of talk in the UK and Australia about the legal status of sex work, yet the few minor changes to laws were often to the detriment, rather than protection, of sex workers, and none of the voices involved in the dialogue belonged to those working in the industry.

But don't worry, this show is all about the laughs, and you are guaranteed to walk away with more knowledge about sex, and just what about it sells, than you ever cared to know. Whether it's strange new acronyms for things you didn't know existed, or the fact that some people make a profession out of reviewing sex workers online, which Kane likens to “Trip Advisor for pussy”. She takes you back to a time of internet dating before Tinder, shares the 'Top Ten' requests she received in her years of sex work, and ponders vital questions about things like threesomes. Because why talk to each other when you can fuck a stranger?