I know, I know what you’re thinking. You think you already know all there is to know about this show, and you haven’t even seen it yet. You think it’s fairly straightforward. It’s called The Naked Magicians. The. Naked. Magicians. You think the title is fairly self-explanatory.

You’re thinking: There are these two magicians, and they’re naked, right? Meh.

No. You take that ‘meh’ back. YOU TAKE IT.

The Naked Magicians is nothing short of genius. Sexy, sexy genius. Nudity and magic is a winning formula, but add a giant inflatable penis, a well-seasoned blow-up sex doll, and the mystical powers of peer pressure, and you have a stand-out romp from start to finish.

Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are stage gods, both equal parts hilarious and handsome. The audience were begging for more from the moment the two step onstage in their plush white bathrobes. Alas, Chris and Mike are as good at teasing as they are at magic, and the audience had to work for their bread buns.

Never have I ever seen the words, “We need a volunteer from the audience” met with such frenzied enthusiasm. The mere mention of audience participation typically causes a collective groan and rustle of movement as everyone feels a sudden urge to stare at their shoes. Things are a little different when you’re part of a herd of women (and a few absolute champion husbands) that have gathered in great numbers because two very attractive and talented men have indicated they will probably get naked. Oh, and magic. We were there for the magic too.

Chris and Mike (or Future Husbands I and II, as they are known to many) run a smooth show – combining brains with masterful slight of hand and misdirection in one breath, slow-grinding and smouldering at the audience in the next. You won’t be able to sit still. In fact, you’ll probably have to restrain yourself. It’s little wonder The Naked Magicians have sold out tours all over the world.

See this show, and don’t hold back. After all, couldn’t you use just a little more magic in your life?


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