When you walk into an interactive show early in the season and realise there's only nine other people in the room with you, a fair assumption is that things are going to go downhill quickly. Not so at this Game Show.

As soon as she shimmied out from the green room, our host, the Singing Psychic (aka Marysia Trembecka) had us hooked. Converting a room of strangers into inside-joke-cracking, circle-dancing, over-sharing teamsters is no mean feat. But damn, she had us at, "Hello... is it me you're looking for?"

Trembecka is a medium of a different kind. She peeks into your soul and reads (then sings, and interprets) the songs she finds there. Whether it's telling your 'fourtune', Tarot-style, or seeking out answers from her numerology tome, Trembecka somehow manages to pin each and every one of us. With telling gasps from friends and partners, and a few knowing tears from those whose fortunes are scarily accurate, you can tell she really has the gift.

But whether you religiously scan your daily horoscope or think predestiny is all a load of hooey, this show really is for everyone. I guarantee you'll have a raging good time. Dazzling in her perfectly fake blonde afro and floor-length '70s gown, Trembecka works the room harder than her microphone. She mixes it up, dragging 'players' up for games like 'Psychic Jenga' and musical chairs, while the hilariously bemused tech guy keeps teams scores on a whiteboard.

I'm not sure what it was that drew me to this show (perhaps Trembecka's own psychic pull), but I'm so glad it did. The Singing Psychic Game Show is one weird hour of flat-out fun and life-fixing.