From the moment the three Travelling Sisters, Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs, launch into their welcoming ditty, telling us of their adventures in a Wicked van and how they met their spirit guides, it’s clear that these ladies are the real deal. Hilarious, playful, and deliciously confident, they totally own the modest Producers’ Warehouse stage as they bring together physical comedy, clowning and music into a series of silly and often unpredictably absurd sketches.

The three are excellent character comedians, both larger-than-life and yet astute in their imaginative creations. There’s Daryl, the lisping head of a trio of loveable bogans, whose tale of his 1982 Olympic aspirations are continually interrupted by anecdotes from his mates. Then there’s Coral and Colin, geriatric love-birds whose tragic tale is narrated by a guitar-wielding moon, and a trio of movement artists depicting the 55-second theft of Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’ that had me in tears. Even the transitions are hilarious, as they playfully peel off their layers between sketches on stage, dancing to their own poppy-electro tracks while making cheeky eye contact with their audience.

There is nothing in this show that is not surprising, and what works best is the absurd and unpredictable turns that each sketch takes. We never know what kind of character is going to appear next, particularly as the strangeness ramps up as the show goes on. The trio have the ridiculous kind of originality of The Mighty Boosh that makes you wonder how on earth they came up with this stuff. But however they did it, it works. The Travelling Sisters are insane geniuses of sketch comedy, and a must-see this Fringe!