Do you love wine? Of course you do. That’s a trick question. So you’re going to be interested in a wine show that will allow you to know your liquid lover more intimately. Luke Morris delivers a show that has easy to understand science, on-stage experimentation, and a beautifully illustrated history of the Champagne region and the history of Dom Perignon.

Morris has many feathers to his cap: he’s a wine aficionado (Pondalowie Vineyards, Langton's), a student of science (La Trobe University, Laborastory) and comedian (Goldmines, Shamrock). Utilising these backgrounds, he’s put together a lovely show complete with 10/10 MS Paint creations.

I loved the concept of the show, but I found at times it was a little scattered. Morris would lose his train of thought, which left him working to reign his story back in. Additionally, his jokes were lined up well, but the punchlines were often not delivered smoothly. Finally, I found that the transition between topics was sometimes less fluid than it could be – there were too many aspects of wine and science that he was trying to incorporate in a fifty-minute show.

But despite the aspects I think could improve, there was certainly a charming uniqueness to his presentation that has appeal. I loved the history lesson that was tied into the narrative, as well as the fact that he pitched his scientific information at a great level for lay people – clear enough that it was understandable, but not simplified so much as to render it pointless. His technical explanations were thorough and understandable. The Wine Science Show could easily be blown out to a two or three hour performance of in-depth history, science, and mad on-stage experimentation that I would certainly pay to see.

There’s huge potential for this show. With some further polish and perhaps some tweaking of dialogue to make it a smoother ride for the audience, this could be a top-rated event of any Fringe season.


The Wine Science Show runs at the National Wine Centre until the 20th February. Tickets can be purchased here.