Do you like Lord of the Rings?
Do you like porn?
Then you will like Game of Thrones!

Spark Creative deliver a well-oiled and desirably bloody steak of a Fringe show, perfect for any dedicated Game of Thrones fan to sink their teeth into. Waiting for the final season is hungry work, and the cast of Thrones! The Musical Parody serve up a feast that puts even the Red Wedding to shame.

Cleverly written original songs delight the audience, leaving no stone in King's Landing un-turned. We are transported to the Seven Kingdoms through song and dance, the ingenious use of props such as a bathmat as the uniform for a brother in the Night's Watch, and curtains and an umbrella for a fire-breathing dragon.

Witty contemporary political references also find their place, as we encounter Trump building the wall, and proposals to have the Wildlings pay for it.

Diversity in the cast makes for a refreshing change, and an absolutely engaging theatre experience. Highlights include the Shame bell sequence, the Red Wedding rap, and one actor's superbly accurate parody of John Snow's vocal tones that consistently had the audience in stitches.

While the Game of Thrones books may be a long and hard slog, I promise this show is not. It's refreshing and hilarious and in parts outright ridiculous. Maybe time passes more quickly in Westeros, or maybe it was all a dream, but this might've been the fastest and funniest hour of Fringe I've had all season.