Scriptease is at it again with another rendition of Unplotted Potter! Each night these ingenious comedians improvise “previously untold stories of the Potterverse”, telling them from the perspective of the minor characters that populate the fringes of Harry Potter’s own story. Each show is completely unique, boisterous, witty and, at times, much cheekier than JK Rowling’s official texts.

Once we were all seated, the performers introduced themselves and asked the audience to select a random name from the “goblet of fire”, which contained 200 names of minor characters from the Potterverse. On this evening we pulled the little known Archie Aymslowe, who appears briefly at the Triwizard Tournament refusing to wear muggle pants as he prefers “a healthy breeze around [his] privates, thanks!” Without so much as a brief chat this well-oiled troupe launched into their first scene.

Improvisational comedy is rightly considered one of the most challenging genres, however, Scriptease made it look easy. They adlibbed like professionals, drawing on their extensive knowledge of the Potter books, and often enhanced their scenes with descriptions of to-be-imagined sound effect, and even bubbles floating opportunely from the end of a wand. Whenever a scene began to lag or fizzle the team would cut straight to a new scene, effectively keeping the story’s momentum. The swift and unpredictable responses of the performers kept the ideas rolling, the plot developing and the laughter coming.

If you are seeking Potter-themed entertainment this fringe, I recommend you try ‘Accio Unplotted Potter!’


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