Unplotted Potter is a fast-paced improv comedy about minor Harry Potter characters performed by Scriptease. On the night, Tandanya Theatre was packed to its capacity of 160 people, and the line of enthusiastic Potter fans took so long to get through the door that there was a ten-minute delay to start the show.

Jarrad Parker, host, opens the proceedings and explains the concept – there are so many minor characters in Harry Potter we only momentarily meet, what are their stories? Parker introduces the bubbly cast, and as the show is about a different minor character each night, Scriptease has a few audience members pull out several names from the "Goblet of Fire" (complete with cellophane flames), before the short list goes to a vote on who the audience would rather see that night. On Saturday it was Phineas Nigellus Black.

In order to stay in character and remain loyal to the Potter series, an audience member is made the ‘guardian’ through a short trivia test. The guardian is then given a horn to honk whenever the cast does something that is not in character, or doesn’t work within the Harry Potter universe.

Scriptease are perfectly in tune with each other as they perform the improvised story of character Phineas Nigellus Black’s younger life. Throughout the show Phineas makes an Unbreakable Vow to become headmaster of Hogwarts, sliding to and from scenes with a tap from another performer, or cutting to a series of montages as prompted by an off-stage cast member. The show glides brilliantly from one scene to the next, and by the time the hour was up the audience was so enthralled that we were disappointed that it had ended, and that we couldn’t learn more about this minor character.

Unplotted Potter is a must see for Harry Potter fans. It is packed with quick and clever improv from a dynamic cast perfectly in sync with each other, full of Harry Potter in-jokes and a fantastic atmosphere of shared enthusiasm for a series we just can’t let go of.