Untapped is an explosive mix of high energy tap accompanied by genius beatboxing and an electrifying ensemble. Tap is the star of the show, and each of the five performers are incredible in their seemingly effortless whirlwind moves. From the traditional to the truly original, the tap elements are combined with some cheeky Aussie humour, a little bit of sass, and a whole lot of fun. Hip hop, flamenco and contemporary moves are thrown in to mix things up, and one of the most impressive performances was that of dance captain and So You Think You Can Dance winner Jack Chambers, both solo and in his flamenco duo.

The accompanying band are just as energetic, with funky bass solos and a clever beatboxing/air drum routine that peppered the performance with a little extra zing. Genesis, the MC and beatboxing wiz is truly exceptional. Things get really fun when the tap shoes come off and the dancers let their creativity fly, creating beats and rhythms with thongs, flippers and even smartphones. No one on stage takes themselves too seriously, with plenty of teasing and audience interaction, bringing infectious flair and personality. It’s great to feel like the performers are having just as much fun as their audience.

The one drawback of the show is that it’s in a venue where most of the audience can’t actually see the dancer’s feet. While rapid sounds of heels clicking and clacking is impressive, it would be more satisfying to fully watch those quick-footed moves. My hot tip is to snag one of the high seats around the back of The Vagabond so you won’t miss a beat!

The show was a hit with young and old alike, and sure to impress all those in-between.