If you wanted to know what the world would look like inside the disco ball at Studio 54 I would imagine VELVET would be as close as you could get. This show is a seventies-fuelled song, dance and aerial acrobat machine – slick, sleek, and styled to the level you expect from a high end Spiegeltent show.

Set against a backdrop of bright lights, the performers take you on a journey of pure entertainment. Brendan Maclean is the ringleader, singing his way through the seventies. Joe Accaria orchestrates the proceedings from his DJ booth atop the disco lights. Chaska Halliday and Rechelle Mansour are an effervescent duo who samba-style shimmy up and down the stage. Stephen Williams delights, using his impressive strength in a cheeky, fun way. Aerialist Emma Goh is absolutely captivating in her swirling and twirling. And Mirko Köckenberger defies all logic by spinning above the stage with only the assistance of two "seatbelts".

Marcia Hines is commanding in her role as the disco diva, assisting Maclean on his journey of self discovery. She has the audience right where she wants them, and cements her status as a powerhouse performer.

The absolute highlight for me, however, was the mischievous and completely unexpected joy in watching Craig Reid hula hooping his way into my heart. This man was sheer glee and I revelled in every second of his impressive exhibition.

This show will sell out. End of. The only advice I can give you is to get your ticket and line up early. You want a good seat. Trust me, the view is well worth it.