According to Adam Page and James Nokise, they were the ones who built the 80s. Prince, the Bangles and Starship were just rip offs of their genius, really.

This show is not sophisticated but it is real Fringe. If you liked Adam Hills' reimagining of our national anthem to "Working Class Man", then this should appeal to you. Basically these guys, in weird 80s outfits, start shepherding you through the history of the decade of the shoulder pad, then throw it over to you to belt out the tunes, mash-up style. You'll sing popular TV show theme songs over 80s power ballads and have a good merry time the whole way.

The night I went the crowd was in good spirits and there were some people who actually knew how to sing. Unfortunately, I was not one of them, but I was singing loud and proud nevertheless. These guys bring a good energy and know what they are serving up, they just want you to have fun with it. So for some ham and cheese with extra cheese this is a great accompaniment for an earlier show to help you transition into a fun night.