Has anyone ever said anything that put you into a tailspin? Bumble Weaver got a bad fringe review and she doesn't want to perform. Hung over and strung out on a chaise-lounge donning hair curlers, wearing red lipstick and last night's strewn mascara, Weaver isn't happy and she lets you know it. Life is a mess, and she is a mess, but she has a French sidekick to kick her out of her slump.

The story explores the relationship between two strong personalities who are no-holds-barred in dishing out the hard truths to one another. This is that friend we all have that has no problems trawling up the embarrassing stories from your past and holding them for all to see. Their banter culminates in somewhat of a mass therapy session about wanting to be relevant, acknowledged and loved.

Catelyn Collins is fearless as Weaver, bellowing with a bottle of gin, while Tony Maddox is hilarious as her snooty friend Antonio. They have great comedic chemistry and together combine to create a show delivered like a well shaken dirty martini that's a little on the dry side. They sneak in enough course language and sexual references to warrant the M rating, and these moments definitely elicited an excited response from the audience. Fair warning, there is some audience participation, but it is reasonably harmless and doesn't put anyone on the spot.

This is absolutely unapologetic, relentless cabaret and again a wonderful example of "true Fringe". These guys are local, their show is original, and their performance is bold and delivered with gusto. You leave this show having had genuine belly laughs and been thoroughly entertained. Unfortunately, I saw this show later in the piece, and their run has come to an end. But I do hope they come back again, and why wouldn't they? Contrary to recent social media furore, this show was well attended. As for me, I'm definitely not providing further inspiration for another Weaver tailspin as this is not a bad review.