Womad ain't Womad til the Kaurna Welcome to make us all feel at home. Hazmat Modine then kicked off the musical program on the freshly-named Foundation Stage. This upbeat jazz/blues/folk ensemble, with a charming vocalist/mouth organist, brought the energy to get the crowd pumping.

The energy from 'Blister in the Sun' right up front lingered well into the Violent Femmes' repertoire of lesser known tracks, making them a great band to enjoy while bouncing our childlike-hearts out on the giant inflatable Stonehenge, 'Sacrilege'.

We soon migrated to Stage 7 (now the Novatech Stage) where All Our Exes Live In Texas warmed the cockles of our collective hearts. Introducing each song with slick, sarcastic good humour, the spoon-adorning dolphin-bludgeoners toed a tightrope twixt funny and serious, and came out of it looking like acrobats.

The main stage then saw Angelique Kidjo & the ASO form an almighty orchestral power couple, packing the east of the park well past the flags. Meanwhile, Cedric Burnside played some blues drums at the Zoo Stage, and that was nice too.

The effortlessly crowd-pleasing Djuki Mala headed up Stage 2 with their Zorba dance, while over on Stage 3, Orange Blossom's high energy, contemporary Arabic soul gave the punters their first proper dance of the festival.

Returning WOMAD favourites The Cat Empire were obviously rad, bringing a mix of tracks from their hot-off-the-press new album Rising With the Sun and their long list of hits, but they really indulged in the solos early on. These would have packed more punch if they'd waited til a bit later in the gig.

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