On its 25th anniversary, WOMADelaide opened on the Foundation Stage with a traditional Welcome to Country led by Kaurna elder Steve Gadlabarti Goldsmith. He also noted (and celebrated) that it's been 50 years since the referendum that officially recognised Aboriginal Australians as citizens.

It's never an easy feat for a musician to transcend the language of their lyrics. For a rapper, it's nigh impossible!

Thankfully, Spanish-speaking Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux is one of the great exceptions. Her songs were thoroughly danceable, and her sheer verbal dexterity was impressive no matter the language.

Justin liked the song that sounded a bit like a 70s cop show, because he's a nerd.

South Africa's a capella darlings The Soil are just the shot of energy and positivity you need to kick your Womad into gear.

Singing about happiness, joy and gratitude in sweet harmonies with a beatboxing accompaniment? Join in for a dance and you can't go wrong.

In various press she's done, Montaigne seems a thoughtful, intelligent artist, someone that has gone places because she genuinely has Things Worth Saying.

Also, she sings real good and the lighting was dope.

The phrase 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' comes to mind as I attempt to describe the musical accompaniment to dramatic dance piece Attractor.

Reviewers often describe music as 'haunting' (indeed, I had to refrain in the above paragraph about Montaigne) but rarely is music as haunting as this particular screeching, guttural cacophony of velociraptor mating calls, as performed by Indonesian music duo Senyawa. Throw in two of Australia's premier dance companies, Dancenorth and Lucy Guerin Inc, and you have yourself a stand out hit.

If you're not getting down with Parov Stelar, check these guys out on Sunday.

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Words by Justin McArthur, images by Jen St Jack