Here are our Day 3 highlights of WOMADelaide 2017.

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[pictured: Archie Roach]

WOMAD Day 3 began with an uncommon shower. Even after it abated, the rain provided a little flavour - the rest of the day was peppered with mud puddle-skirting, skipping and dancing.

The umbrellas came down halfway through the performance of long-time WOMAD favourite Archie Roach (Stage 3, 4pm), who played at the first iteration in 1992; and of local boy Jesse Davidson (Moreton Bay, 4pm), who lost his glasses, his hat, and a guitar string in the name of art.

As Ana Tijoux (5:15pm) commanded the central stage, stagehands apace drained water off the Stage 3 roof, in preparation for Brooklyn-based Sinkane (Stage 3, 6:15pm) who reprised Saturday's Foundation Stage efforts. I liked it when they played my favourite song.

(NB: This is a very funny Sinkane-based joke, and clearly you, the reader, are at fault if you don't enjoy it.)

[pictured: [big] String]

6:15 also saw D.D Dumbo (Stage 2), fresh from his triple j J Award win, holding together an incredibly complicated live act. The music felt light, but was obviously tech- and instrument-heavy, laden with enough looping, percussion and vocal peculiarities to confuse you into relaxation. Precision was the watchword of this hour.

[pictured: Aziza Brahim, Giidanyba, Oki Dub Ainu Band]

As night fell on the same stage, The Philip Glass Ensemble (8:45pm) prepared to entrance an enormous seated crowd. Meanwhile, William Crighton (or, as his name was spelt in the Pocket Guide, Williams Crighton) commanded a smaller audience under the Moreton Bay Figs. His stand out song, 'Woman Like You', features the heartbreaking lyric:

I'd never treat a woman like you like that.

which is a lot to handle, really. Luckily, the band finished with rather a jumping tune (as I hear the youths call it).

[pictured: Electric Fields]

Finally, on centre stage, groovy Austrian electro-swing cats Parov Stelar (10:15pm) punctured 1920s music with more drops than Usman Khawaja.

From the start, these guys were my pick of the festival, and boy, they did not disappoint. Vote 1 Parov Stelar. Please guys, come back every year.

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