Halfway through WOMADelaide, your wallet starts to quiver. Here are some of the cheaper places you can get delicious foodstuffs!

(NB: By 'cheap' I mean 'less than $15'. I know. It's rough out there.)

1. Potato fritters (Bread and Bone, $10)

This tray of potato fritters from Bread and Bone packs a serious punch for its size. Add in some sort of dill tzatziki dip thing, and you're set.

[pictured: A red lentil burger from Voodoo Burgers ($12) and potato fritters from Bread and Bone ($10).]

2. Bakery goods (Voodoo Burgers, from $5)

As the name suggests, Voodoo Burgers are best known for their roll-based patty-filled comestibles, but their bakery section is also one of the cheapest places at the fest. Their spinach and feta roll looked tasty - and sizable!

3. Eggplant curry (Parwana, $15)

Parwana's eggplant curry isn't as cheap as the previous offerings, but it's filling. Want a mid-arvo lunch that will actually last you? Check these guys out.

Also, this rose drink is to die for.

[pictured: An eggplant curry ($15) and rose drink ($5) from Parwana.]

4. Cinnamon doughnut and a coffee (Byron Bay Doughnuts, $5; Booknook and Bean, from $4)

I mean, this is almost a meal, right? Maybe you can even buy an extra doughnut and give it to your Mum.

[pictured: Two cinnamon doughnuts from Byron Bay Doughnuts ($10) and a flat white with an extra shot ($5) from Booknook and Bean.]

5. Burrito at 1am (Hindley Street Zambreros, $11.90)

It's 1am. I forgot to eat. The Hamster Dance is playing for some reason. I guess this is my life now.

[pictured: regret.]

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