Lala and Robbie are two 20-something Aussies doing the typical move-to-London thing. As soon as they touch down at Heathrow in their yellow raincoats, they realise the whole London thing is actually a bit shit. What a coincidence – I realised the same thing about Worst Little Warehouse in London at that exact moment.

The 'story' that follows can be summarised as follows: boring couple moves into warehouse with a dozen housemates, where they hide in their bedroom judging said housemates for being more interesting than them, and a year later they move out to a flat where they can be normal in peace.

So yeah, not much of a story really. It's just caricature after caricature. No depth, no funny anecdotes, just the writers' intolerant musings on why everyone they live with and everything in London sucks. An apt demonstration of why these guys are ill-suited to community living.

photo credit Ben Fon

It's not that the musicality was bad – these two lovebirds can tinkle the keys and harmonise with the best of them. It's more that listening to a couple of vanilla artists hang shit on their weird and wonderful housemates for an hour isn't my idea of a good time. Like wow, your housemates enjoy slam poetry, fitness, feminism and fucking around. How awful. They should be ashamed of themselves, apparently.

Now, I realise the irony in judging people for being judgmental. And I feel like I'm being a tad unfair. The performances were ultra-enthusiastic and very convincing, although the characters were trite. The rest of the very full house did seem to enjoy the corny jokes. There was plenty of laughter.

But to me the whole thing fell flat. Maybe it was their grating perspectives on sex and feminism. Maybe it was how they inserted songs into the show that bore no relation to the story (one on Facebook, and a vomit-inducing interpretation of "Stuck On You"). Maybe it was their spurious claim in the epilogue that it was the best year of their lives. Like their yogi housemate Benji, that brand of fake just doesn't wash.


The Worst Little Warehouse in London plays at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until 3rd March. Tickets can be purchased here.