The beloved comedy duo behind EastEnd Cabaret are back!

With Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar, we get some material and characters that may be familiar to anyone who has been to see EastEnd, and we also get to bare witness to a host of new characters, ranging from a sexually-deviant disembodied head, who performs card tricks, through to what appears to be a gin-swigging giant floor mop — this is the titular yeti.

The hourlong show has a loose, overarching story that ties the somewhat disparate elements together. The performers also make use of their Bernie and Victy personas from EastEnd Cabaret to help acclimatise us to their more outrageous characters.

Victy and Bernie

Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar has received favourable comparisons with other surrealistic character-driven comedy, such as The Mighty Boosh, and in the distinctly Old Greg-esque yeti character this is clear to be seen. However, with original live songs and their own titillatingly sexually deviant comedic sensibility, they make the genre their own.

There were some issues with lighting and sound sequencing on the night we saw this performance; EastEnd Cabaret are, however, the consummate professionals, and are able to keep the audience in fits of belly-aching laughter throughout.

EastEnd Cabaret are in fact so skilled at inducing laughter in a large group of people, that at some points during the performance they too seemed on the verge of breaking. This, of course, only made the audience laugh harder.

All of this results in a show that is at times erratic, and at all times hysterically funny.

If you at all possess a sense of humour, you should go and see Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar.


Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar will be running at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 13