On the opening weekend of Fringe, there was a buzz in the air as we entered a packed venue for Yummy. No doubt, this show was an entertaining aesthetic feast – but I was hoping for the tastiest morsel in The Box and was left feeling peckish.

Yummy is a drag cabaret known for ignoring stale notions of gender binary. Fresh from Perth's Fringe World, the Yummy Productions ensemble for their Adelaide Fringe run includes director and choreographer James Welsby (aka Valerie Hex), hostess with the mostest Karen from Finance, "bio queen" Beni Lola, hula hoop and burlesque artist Hannie Heldsen, dancers and drag queens Benjamin Hancock and Jandruze, and singer Joni in the Moon.

Avant-garde fashion victims are in for a real treat here. From Valerie Hex's outrageously broad-hipped white onesie, to a pair of leotards festooned with plump lips, spouting long sequinned tongues to the tune of "Licky Sticky", the troupe absolutely nail their inventive and immaculate costuming.

Other highlights were Hannie Heldsen's human slinky, and a heavy metal / classic tap mash up of "How Lovely to be a Woman" from Bye Bye Birdie. A celestial mermaid moment with acres of flowing fabric and a live tune from Joni in the Moon was truly special.

Despite the raw appeal and refined talent of each character, a lack of cohesion was a too-noticeable feature of this show. More between-act banter from corporate queen Karen would have done wonders. Karen absolutely stole the show with her ingenious remix of overheard office goss with Abba and Rhianna’s "Money" classics, and her unsuccessful bid for an audience member to "pay me what you owe me".